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Best Wireless Headphones

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Headphones have offered a way to listen to music on your own terms for some time now. Whether it is cruising along with your Walkman, or plugged into your PC with a headset, you get privacy and you don’t disturb anyone else. Wireless headphones take this concept to a whole new level. Without the inconvenience of wires, you can sit across the room and watch TV in surround sound stereo at level 9, and not bother anyone. You can sit next to your spouse in bed and watch the news at a loud volume while they doze off to sleep, work on an airplane without all the distractions around you. It’s also nice to be able to work out at the gym without getting your barbells entangled in dangling wires. A lot of wireless headphones connect to any audio out jack, so they can usually be used with cell phones, MP3 players, home stereos and TVs, etc. Just be sure to read about their connection options before buying to make sure it suits your needs. Some of the leading makers of wireless headphones are Sennheiser (makers of all sorts of headphones and headsets), Logitech, Audiovox, Sony, Jensen, and Acoustic Research. In this guide we’ll take a look at the best models, what features to look for, and what price you can expect to pay. When you are ready to buy online, we recommend Amazon.com. We are always impressed by their competitive prices, selection, fast shipping, and customer service — plus almost everyone already shops with them and trusts them.

Right off the bat, we are going to say our two favorite wireless headphone makers are Sennheiser and Sony. Sure, there are others, sure you can try to examine 20 or 30 different models, but if you stick with a leading Sony or Sennheiser headphone, we pretty much gaurantee you’ll be happy. One of our favorite, all-around wireless headphone sets is the Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones with Charging Cradle (about $70) — they offer a 120 foot range, work through walls, weigh 8 ounces, and come with cushioned, open ear headphones with an adjustable headband. The rechargeable NiMH are charged when you leave the headphones in the transmitter cradle. We’ve used these for listening to TV and CDs at home — these are not the type you wear to the gym connected to an iPod. Wireless headphones genenerally have more interference and static than their wired counterparts, so you should not plan on crystal clear listening with any wireless headphone units. That being said, most people that use these are overwhelmed by the crisp, clean sound, including good bass response which can be hard to find in headphones. If you want to take a step up and add surround sound then the Sennheiser RS 130 Wireless Surround Sound Headphones are for you (about $150). You can get over 20 hours battery life from these lightweight headphones (<10 oz). Of course, your source material must be in surround sound (like HD TV or DVDs), though you can switch between surround and normal. Like the 120s sound is great, performance is great. If you don’t want or need surround sound, save $80 and buy the 120s above. Sennheiser puts out new models regularly.


Read more about sennheiser wireless headphones on www.wireless-speakers.org

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