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AiAiAi TMA-1 Headphones: Amazing sound comes at a premium

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The TMA-1 headphones from Denmark-based AiAiAi are an interesting twist into the market. First off, if you’re looking for ultra-portable headphones that you can stash into your pocket, these aren’t for you. However, if you’re serious about sound and have a bit of cash to spare, read on.

The TMA-1′s are a bit different than most of the rest of the headphones that you see on the market. For starters, they’re designed by DJ’s, for DJ’s. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t enjoy them if you’re not prone to spinning your own tunes on anything other than your laptop. These things are clean, loud and incredibly comfortable. Want to know the rest? Here you go:


In The Box

You know that feeling you get when you open a great package? You won’t be disappointed by the packaging of the TMA-1′s. It’s big, thick and well-padded to keep your headphones safe in transit. Once inside, you’ll see the headphones, an extra set of ear cushions (the leather-bound ones are standard, with foam cushions optional), the detached coiled cord and a user guide.

On Your Head

Wearing the TMA-1′s is a bit surprising. They’re an on-the-ear headphone, which I typically don’t like. However, with a bit of unique positioning they manage to block out external sound very well. While you won’t get the full rotation of the ear cups as you might with the stalwart Sony v700 headphones, there’s still enough left/right movement to keep most people happy. Hard stops are included at 9 points along the band to customized your fit.

The headband of the TMA-1′s is made of a semi-soft rubber. While I figured it would be uncomfortable rather quickly, it actually proved to be quite nice. I’ve worn the headphones for extended sessions (up to 4 hours) on numerous occasion without a hint of discomfort.

The overall feel of the headphones is interesting. It’s a rubberized coating, but it feels almost like velvet. The cord is plenty long to allow freedom of movement and the ear cups are very comfortable for longer sessions.


Read more about headphones on www.wireless-speakers.org

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