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Interior Design & Your Personal Style

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Just as I was musing about how to write about the Interior Design of Whoopi Goldberg’s home on “Oprah” yesterday, Barbra Streisand “showed” Oprah HER estate today.  What a contrast, and a great way to discuss personal style in Interior Design.

Barbra was celebrating Oprah’s last season, and promoting her new book (which everyone in the audience got, of course):  My Passion for Design.  Barbra has always been known for her appreciation and affinity for Interior (and other) Design.  Before she ventured into the work on her current California beachfront estate, her homes and famous guest houses were photographed and published as she filled them with collectibles and incredible vintage (that would be less than 50 years old) as well as antique furnishings.  Today’s celebration of her house showed a less formal, more decorative and country-looking environment than when she was famous for amazing Art Deco pieces.  The exterior of the house is completely in sync with the interiors and the attention to detail is admirable and consistent.  The exterior is covered with flowers and climbing roses.  She showed a room in her guest house that overlooks the ocean.  It’s decorated in prints of pink — and right there, with her microphone, is where she records her incredible vocals.  The few interior spaces she shared of this house show her attention to detail:  everything coordinates.  It isn’t all the same, but the design and decorating style is consistent and the house feels like it has a “theme”.  Her book has interior shots (not avail online for me to share!) of her other incredible residences as well.  Today, she even talked about how she chose the color of the fish in her pond (black and white) to coordinate with the outside of the house and the color of water.

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