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Jensen Marine Audio Systems

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Many people prefer listening to music while out on a boating adventure. However, obtaining high-quality music on a boat sometimes becomes difficult. For optimum high quality sound, the use of marine speakers is advisable.

Marine speakers are the best available option for boating activities. They are waterproof. Marine Speakers are of great help while one is on board on the waters. Jensen Marine Audio Systems are the best ones that one can opt for. Among all the models, the Jensen MSR 7007 is the best one. This gadget combines the latest audio features in a waterproof marine design and is developed from the ground to meet the distinctive needs of the industry.

Some of the features of the marine stereo are listed below:

1. 200 Watt output power 50 W x 4

2. Waterproof faceplate and a water resistant/ sealed chassis

3. Enabled with Electronic Bass, treble, Balance and fader Controls

4. AM/ FM AUST/US/EURO Tuner with 30 Presets

5. Enabled with SIRIUS Satellite and iPod Ready

6. Pre-Set Equalizer – 5 settings, with Flat, Rock, Pop, Classical

7. 40 seconds of electronic skip protection

8. Radio Broadcast Data System

9. MP3/WMA compatible

10. NOAA Weatherband with weather alert

11. Multiple line LCD display

12. Wired remote ready

13. Subwoofer Output

14. Rear Aux-in

15. CD Door Open Alarm

16.Low battery warning

17. Zero current

18. 1 DIN chassis


Read more about marine speakers on www.wireless-speakers.org

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