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Rock Speakers and Planters

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I think today wherever there’s a human being, there’s a pair of speakers. Perhaps you can’t imagine your living without your home theater system. In the bedroom, you still want to listen to your favorite Cd’s. The shortest car ride is unbearable without a decent stereo and a pair of speakers. Newly, this goes for boat rides, too. The more recent wireless technology allows you to have speakers in the garden, in the garage or wherever you have things to do. But loudspeaker manufacturers don’t settle for this, when it comes to outdoor use. They want speakers that black out and melt into the environment. They want 100% weatherproof. They want naturalistic design. And the answer to all their wishes has materialized itself into the planter and rock speakers. The biggest rocks in this field are Stereostone, Rockustics and SpeakerCraft. When it comes to rocking and rolling stones they can make all your wishes come true. Just try them by sending over a piece of rock from your garden. They’ll send back the design of a prototype speaker that looks exactly like your rock.

How to recognize a rock speaker

If you are in a friend’s garden, music is all around but you don’t know where it comes from, be sure that the speakers are hiding in the form of some rocks or flower pots. These speakers are especially designed for outdoor use, which means that they are 100% weatherproof. They are completely sealed, using insulating materials that are made to hold up in extreme weather conditions. In aspect, both Rockustics and Stereostone speakers got inspired from mother nature. They have that grainy look, irregular shape of natural rocks, heavy appearance heavy, but are entirely made of light, synthetic, materials. Most buying guides recommend looking for speakers that are made of good weatherproof materials like: coated aluminum, stainless steel, polypropylene.

Do rock speakers really rock?

They sure do! What we like most about these speakers is how you can use them to impress your kids. Flower pots that sing and rocks that tell stories, this is as close as technology can get to a fairy tale. If you have doubts about their performance level, don’t. Of course, they can’t compete by far with the audio quality of a high performing audio system or to the home theater experience. But they sound pretty well. Rock speakers and planters are meant to please the ear while they don’t bug the eye. The major advantage is they come close to you, and you don’t have to play them that loud. This way you won’t keep the neighbors up at night just because you are giving a back yard party. The major drawback? Though they are designed mostly for outdoor use, they’re all wired. But this inconvenient can be solved through a few placement tricks.


Read more about rock speakers planters on www.wireless-speakers.org

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