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Sony Wireless Digital Audio VGF-WA1 speaker system

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Today’s world of digital music gives us lots of choices to enjoy music every day. The problem with digital music is that the files are either all stored on computer, be it a personal or family computer, or on a portable music player. If you want to listen to your music you have to either listen to a portable MP3 player    or be sitting in front of you computer. But what happens when you have guests over and you want to play that music for them? You have a few choices, either play the computer speakers as loud as they can go, hook up your MP3 player to a stereo system, or pull out some portable speakers that you can play your MP3 player on. What if you didn’t have to do all this just to play your music? What if you could play your music wirelessly streamed directly from the computer that all of the music files are on. The Sony Wireless Digital Audio Streamer WA1, lets you do all this and just a little more in one simple package.

The Audio Streamer is a simple way to play your music on your computer anywhere in your house as long as it stays within wireless range. The way the streamer works is that when you set up the speaker base you have two options of connecting it to your computer. You can either use the included wireless adapter that is already paired for use with it, or if you have a wireless network deployed across your home you can connect the speaker base to the wireless network. The VGF-WA1 supports ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAVE, Linear PCM, protected (DRM) ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus, and AAC files are not supported.


Read more about sony wireless speakers on www.wireless-speakers.org

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