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Wireless Speakers Review: Wireless Speaker Systems Right For You?

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I love music – in fact, I am listening to music as I type this post, so a good pair of speakers is quite necessary in my opinion. Speakers have come a long way, and there is now technology that allows sound to pass through a good set of speakers as if it actually made the noise around you. Not only is there a way to make sound actually sound as realistic as possible, but do so without any wires whatsoever. The technology is catching on as you can now buy wireless computer speakers, outdoor wireless speakers, wireless laptop speakers and the list keeps growing. So how does this technology work, and is the quality just as good as a set of wired speakers? I’ll answer those questions and more as well as tell you why I absolutely love wireless speakers.

First, you have to understand how speakers actually work before I get to wireless speakers. Though I am not a technical guy, I do know a thing or two about speakers from all those music classes in college so I’ll give you a rather rudimentary – yet brief -understanding of how speakers work. Obviously, speakers are opposite to a microphone, so a microphone is used to capture audio and a speaker is used to play the audio captured; This audio is called impulses. Our ears cannot hear impulses, so that is where speakers come in. They translate those impulses into vibrations (using awesome technology) that our ears can understand. Therefore, we have music which is pleasing to the ears — sometimes. ;)

That is basically how speakers work. Of course, there are much more details involved, however, I will spare you from boredom. Whether the speakers are wired or wireless, the technology behind playing music through them is generally the same. However, the technology behind making a speaker wireless or wired is, as you might expect, a little different. Wireless speakers must come with a transmitter that sends the audio signal to the wireless speakers. Most transmitters have a standard input connection in the transmitter that allow you to connect any audio device to it. You can connect a CD player, an MP3 player or any thing that has audio output. There are several frequencies at which wireless speakers operate: 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz and even 1.9Ghz using DECT 6.0 technology. Generally the less congested frequency band has better reception and sound quality based on the environment you are operating the wireless audio speaker. Another type of technology around wireless speakers is bluetooth which is a unique and complex wireless speaker method, but a technology that has flourished and will continue to do so.

Once the sound source is plugged into the transmitter, you should be able to take your wireless speakers any where within the specified range and turn them on, and listen to your audio source. Some transmitters or speakers have a frequency nob that you can adjust to change the channel get the best audio quality and some wireless speakers change the channels automatically.


Read more about wireless speakers reviews on www.wireless-speakers.org

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