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Jabra caught on to a sweet design with the original Jabra Stone. They announced a revision of the original called the Jabra Stone2 which is slated to launch exclusively for AT&T on November 21st for $129.99. I am not sure why they decided on an AT&T exclusive to limit the market for the headset but who knows what they are thinking.

The new Jabra Stone2 has the same design but adds a new glossy finish along with a voice command system that lets you answer and place calls using only your voice. So you can simply say “call Pizza” and you will be on your way to getting a pizza delivery. The other cool thing is that it will read out to you the name programmed in your phone like voice caller ID. I am not sure if that will work on BlackBerrys but hopefully they found a way around previous restrictions.

You can catch the full feature breakdown after the jump or read more on the Jabra Stone2 product page.


Voice Control

  • Make calls using the sound of your voice (For example, “Call Dad”)
  • Answer an incoming call by simply saying “Answer”
  • Reject a call by saying “Ignore”

Voice Guidance

  • Hear the name of an incoming caller through the headset (For example: “Mom Cell” or “David’s Work”), exactly how you have the caller programmed into your phone.  If the caller’s number isn’t saved to your phone, the headset will read out the phone number.
  • A “Connected” audio alert means the STONE2 is paired with your mobile device
  • The STONE2 signals a “Low Battery” audio alert when it needs to be charged.  Battery levels also appear on the iPhone® to avoid guessing when the headset battery is running low
  • The STONE2 talks users through an easy set-up process of pairing the headset to a mobile or smart phone (including the iPhone)



Read more about bluetooth headsets on wireless-speakers.org

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