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Blackbox i10 noise-cancelling headphones, Atomic Floyd MiniDart headphones + mic

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f you’re ready to dump your cheap iPod headphones to get some audio quality, here are two – three if you include our reference pair – to consider.

By now everyone knows that iPods – and pretty much every MP3 player – comes with rubbish headphones, whose spec is chosen so that they won’t sound actively awful while not putting too much cost onto the final product. Which means that if you want to enjoy your music you’re usually left to buy some real, proper headphones.

Such are the Blackbox i10 noise-cancelling headphones (£79.99) from Phitek, which are only for the iPhone, iPod (non-shuffle models) or iPad: they attach to the 21-pin socket on the bottom. Unfortunately, it’s Apple products only; they won’t connect to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. These are headphones intended to get the most out of your listening experience, specifically by including noise cancellation.

The principle of noise cancellation is straightforward enough: a microphone on the headphone cable detects the ambient sounds, and feeds its inverse into the signal being delivered to the earpieces. Thereby cancelling out external noise, within the limits of the microphone’s frequency response and the electronics’ capacity to respond to changes.

Alternatively, there are Atomic Floyd’s newest designs, the MiniDarts (Apple Store link, not Amazon so far), also built with iPods and iPhones in mind: it has a straightforward 3.5mm jack but also includes a microphone, activated by a button, which can be used to control playback – pause, play, skip forward one track, skip back to the start. The MiniDarts come with a comely red lead, which should make them stand out if you misplace them.


Read more about noise canceling headphones on www.wireless-speakers.org

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