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Wireless Computer Speakers

September 20, 2010 1 comment

There are not many manufacturers that produce dedicated wireless computer speakers, but all wireless speakers are said to be compatible with computers.

All wireless speakers, for indoor or outdoor use, are said to be compatible with computers. Well, that’s only in principle, because in practice, you will just have to test and learn.

If we’re to quote a dedicated wireless computer speakers brand, working on the radio frequency technology, this could be the iConcepts Wireless RF Speakers & Headphones package, from Sakar International Inc. These speakers work both with Mac and Windows computers.

The package contains 2 wireless computer speakers, a free pair of wireless headphones and a compact transmitter with integrated antenna that will “intermediate” the transmission between the speakers and your PC. The whole pack is priced at as little as $80.

The portability of the speakers, associated with a computer, makes you wish for something extra to get a full convenience menu: a remote control to switch to whichever MP3 you like from the menu list.

Unfortunately, there’s no such possibility, though you can use the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Wireless Music device.

First of all, remember this is not a speaker. The remote control features a large LCD screen that lets you view and choose songs and play-lists without needing a TV, as other systems do.

The wireless receiver is very versatile, connecting to any audio system you choose. Instead, you must use an existing computer wireless network to communicate with your computer, or set up a wireless computer network first.

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